Simplified Pricing

We believe video costs should never be a great mystery. That’s why our clients will always know exactly what they will be paying before production begins. Our videos are priced by the minute of finished animation and are all-inclusive (research, writing, art, animation, voice, music, editing, etc.).

Unlike some video producers, we don’t offer pricing ‘Tiers’ that psychologically trick you into thinking you need to pay more or risk getting a lesser product. All of our videos are produced by the same great team of dedicated writers, artists and animators. That’s not to say that every video costs the same. There are a number of variables that dictate expenses – and this naturally translates to your costs.

Common Cost Variables

  • What effects cost?
    • Length of video
    • Articulation of movement
    • Project time-frame
    • Use of a licensed style (Common Craft, etc.)
    • Use of location or live actors
    • Highly customized music or well-known voice talent
    • 3D Modeling

Not sure yet what you need? Contact us and we’d be happy to explain the options.
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