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Use Cases: How are companies using ‘Splainer’ videos?

Capital Group used ‘splainer’ videos to demonstrate social media policy and introduce a new employee advancement program.

The Centers for Disease Control used a silent ‘splainer’ at a conference to explain free HIV prevention resources.

Habitat for Humanity worked with Splainers to create training materials for store managers. Topics included SEO and Content Strategy.

A leading device maker had Splainers create a suite of HR videos that demonstrate how Security and Legal teams are on the side of employees.

VMware uses ‘splainer’ videos to introduce new products and get engineers and programmers aligned on a set of cohesive best practices

Heineken had Splainers build an HR video portfolio that covered topics such as sales techniques, incentive programs, employee guidebooks and even their distribution model

Bayer Japan had us create several fun videos to help inspire behavioral change.

For Talisman Energy, we created a fun video that demonstrated the importance of lean theory.

The Fazolis restaurant chain used a ‘splainer’ video to get employees and managers excited about a new employee rewards program

Adobe used Splainers to teach the importance of storytelling to engineers and tech workers.

Another major tech consulting firm had us build a ‘Consulting 101’ overview video to onboard new employees.

A large materials science firm explains areas such as Corporate Governance and Enterprise Architecture through ‘splainer’ videos.

Stanford University explained their travel expense policy through a fun and inclusive ‘splainer.’ 

Enerplus used ‘splainer’ videos to instigate better internal communication as well as to inspire employees at a Town Hall meeting. 

The State of Massachusetts used a ‘splainer’ video to introduce a set of tools to help employers bring about equal pay for women in the state.

Fox Entertainment collaborated with Splainers to introduce an inspiring new leadership program.

Compassion International used a series of engaging ‘splainer’ videos to do everything from introduce their new Wellness Program to give a virtual tour of their Employee Fitness Center

AT&T worked with Splainers to internally explain a new product.

Pepsi ordered a ‘splainer’ that helped to align all sales staff around a common set of terms.

IUCN worked with Splainers to create a training video on the ‘Red List of Threatened Species.’

One of the world’s leading consulting agencies had us build a portfolio of training videos on emerging data and technology trends.

MetLife used a ‘splainer’ to explain employee financial education programs.

Seton Health used a portfolio of conceptual ‘splainer’ videos to excite employees and show how they see healthcare five years in the future.

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