A streamlined process means better videos, faster turnaround, and less stress for everyone involved. That’s why we are constantly iterating to find better ways of creating videos and improving our process. From our Splainers Story-Focusing Questionnaire to project updates and simple video feedback software, we make sure every project gets done right and on-time.

From our first conversation, a typical video takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Of course, every hand-crafted video is unique, and can be be expedited depending on our production schedule. Likewise, delivery times ultimately depend on things such as video length, detail of production and how much time clients need for approval of each stage.

Here's our 6-Stage Process:


Our questionnaire is designed to quickly get to the heart of your story. It asks questions about your audience, project objectives, and of course your product or idea. Perhaps most importantly, it asks you to imagine how your audience’s lives would be different without your product or idea. To learn even more, we usually follow this up with a conference call or two.

Story-Focusing Questionnaire


After going through your questionnaire and other information we’ve gathered, our creative team quickly comes up with several ‘Ideations.’ These are short story concepts that will likely resonate with your audience. Once a direction is chosen, we get right into scripting.

'Ideations' (Story Ideas)


Great scripts make for great videos. We will keep working on a script until it's something you absolutely love. This is also where we start focusing in on calls-to-action and engineering the right takeaway.

Crafting a Script


Storyboards are your first chance to see the story come alive. They give you something to pass along to stakeholders and help us focus in on the right style, characters, color scheme and 'feel' of the video. Once these are approved, we jump right into the magic of animation.



Animating your story

Our animators work side-by-side with our Creative Director and writers to make sure every part of the production stays focused on your audience, brand and objectives. You’ll be updated on progress and shown samples along to the way to make sure the only surprises are good ones.


Optimization & Follow-up

Following first delivery, you’ll have a chance to request revisions and make sure everything is exactly right. Even after you’ve launched the video, our creative team will be there to offer advice and make tweaks if necessary.






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