‘Internal Medicine’ or 6 Effective Ways to Use Video Within Your Organization

Video Killed the PowerPoint Star

Companies are increasingly turning to video to tell internal stories. This doesn’t surprise us one bit. Seven years ago, over 75% of the videos we produced were for B2B or B2C purposes. When online video was just starting to take off, companies were excited to engage the people who mattered most – their customers. This worked so well that a couple of interesting things happened.

First, video became so successful at communicating information within a short time-span that other types of content lost a lot of their sexiness. PowerPoint presentations, white papers and PDFs became nap inducers – especially to younger and more tech-savvy employees.

At the same time, businesses began realizing that the incredible conversion rates and level of engagement they got from customer-centric videos could be achieved within their own organizations. Therefore, it’s no wonder that 8 of the last 11 Splainer videos were produced for internal purposes. Below are 6 ways organizations are using video to rock their internal worlds.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Within Your Organization

1. Enhance Training – Though hands-on training and individual mentorship will always be important, there are many ways training videos can save you both time and money. Videos are an easy and quick way to engage employees and teach important job tools and processes. Moreover, videos can watched and shared at any time (and multiple times).

2. Simplify Project Management – Project and product managers are using videos to bring all the parts together and tell “big-picture” stories about their products and initiatives. One of the large software companies we work with is even using the creation of videos as a team-building exercise. Tired of having to explain over and over what your team or divisions does? Get a video.

3. Replace PDF’s and PowerPoints – Let’s face it. In today’s media environment, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations are no longer winning the battle for hearts and minds. Fortunately, videos are. Videos instantly engage viewers and move quickly to takeaways that are easy to digest. And after being used as part of a presentation, videos can be shared via email or re-used on your website. Even if you do have some actual talking to do, combining your points with a well-made video will definitely give the message more impact.

4. Introduce New Programs and Initiatives – Did you read that memo? Probably not. Even if you did, you likely already forgot what it said. Whether it’s a new brand initiative or a upcoming change to policy, video makes the message more likely to be viewed and retained.

5. Improve Corporate Culture – Surprise and motivate employees by creating videos about the kind of culture you hope to foster. Make movies about employees and cool initiatives in order to demonstrate what winning and leadership look like.

6. Do some ‘Internal Branding’ – Employees want to work at companies that are more 2019 than 2009 – especially new recruits who grew up in the age of video and social media. Show workers that you understand where they come from through fun video campaigns and announcements. What we call ‘internal branding’ can be anything from an employee short video competition to mock-documentaries that poke fun at some aspect of your organization.

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